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"In a short story everything has to be working towards exploring and illuminating your central idea with the minimum words and maximum intensity," says tutor Wayne Macauley. Ahead of his upcoming workshop, we talked to Wayne about what makes a short story great.

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Done well, crime fiction can be one of the most effective genres for talking about social issues and the problems of society, says tutor Andrew Nette. Ahead of his upcoming workshop, we talked to Andrew about what makes crime fiction so thrilling.

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When choosing to self-publish, "People often assume that you can slap something together and hit Publish," says tutor Ellie Marney. Ahead of her upcoming workshop, we talked to Ellie about the importance of being organised, doing the research, and most importantly, writing a book that readers will love.

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"What connects an intellectual understanding of story to the ability to construct one," says tutor Shivaun Plozza, "is tied up in soliciting and digesting quality feedback." Ahead of her upcoming workshop, we talked to Shivaun about how to give an receive feedback effectively, and the role it can play in fine-tuning your writing.

As writers, we spend a lot of time looking at our screens and our notebooks. But writing is as much about the world outside the page as the words we scrawl on it. Great writing doesn’t happen in a vacuum – we need to look outwards to invigorate our imaginations, question our assumptions and become better writers.

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Writing for the education market, says tutor George Ivanoff, has lead to a career filled with variety and ongoing learning. Ahead of his upcoming workshop, we talked to George about following briefs, meeting deadlines, and comparing boats to blue whales!

Deborah Cass

Writers Victoria and the Deborah Cass Prize Committee are pleased to announce the shortlist for the 2017 prize.

The Prize is for unpublished migrant writers and was established in the memory of Deborah Cass (1960-2013), an established Australian lawyer and aspiring writer, whose grandparents were Jewish migrants from Eastern Europe.

Dan Cass, brother of Deborah, said ‘The quality and number of entries shows the wealth of stories waiting to be told about the migrant experience.’

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A seed, lovingly pressed into the earth. A child’s first experience with a deep and unconditional love. My most treasured possession.

Fur fabric worn smooth over years of clutching. Dull black glass eyes and a crooked frown. Endless needlepoint scars from patchwork, healing rips and tears from being loved so hard.

Neither children nor new parents are original or clever with names, so his name is simply Teddy.

Picture of a trophy

Welcome to our monthly brag about our Writers Victoria community members who have won awards, been shortlisted or longlisted for writing prizes or received industry recognition.