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Short stories, features and poems from our writing community.

Photo of John Tesarsch by Joe Armao

Deanne Sheldon-Collins talks about writing, passion and career change with barrister, musician and writer John Tesarsch following the publication of his second novel 'The Last Will and Testament of Henry Hoffman' by Affirm Press.

Heart shape made out of flowers

Writer and WV member Shu-Ling Chua tells the story of her parents’ introduction in this moving piece of memoir.


‘Maybe it’s a Chinese thing. You know, that dating show on SBS, If You Are the One?’

‘Yes, my parents watch it.’

‘They’re always thinking about the future. Australians, Americans, Europeans – we just live in the moment.’

Photo of Lian Low

In 2008, Alice Pung edited a groundbreaking anthology, 'Growing Up Asian in Australia' which featured short stories and poems by over fifty Asian Australians.  However, prior to the book’s publication, Pung was advised by an industry person that her  “heavy introduction” which detailed the invasion and dispossession of Australia’s Indigenous peoples, the White Australia policy, including information about the racist violence towards the Chinese during the 1850s and 60s, would scare away Border bookshop customers.

Photo of Debbie Lim in front of a beach at sunset. A small sailboat can be seen on the horizon.

He understands the bones of little fish.
The way each spine will set in stone
beneath the weight of forests, sediment,
the collapsed strata of years. How
many times has he lifted those skulls
with a minute brush, blown dust
from the space their fins once radiated?

Black and white photograph of Loretta Miauw

Lesson 1: Sun Hun- Body Itchy
I am restless and impatient
like the child who is sun hun
desiring to be naughty
Meaning: body itchy
For happenings to happen
I want you to graze on my skin
ever so slightly
moistening every inch
exasperating my body itch

Hand-coloured vintage photograph of a Chinese woman

These are the things I know to be true about my grandmother:

1. She is beautiful.

2. She has tattoos for eyebrows.

3. She was almost raped by a Japanese soldier during the war.

4. She lost two children.

Black and white photograph of LIa Incognita, wearing glasses

shanghai is hungry for babies

the city grey under grey
white hairs, concrete, glass and fog...

Photo of Bella Li

Bella Li wrote her first poem in primary school, but wasn’t formally introduced to poetry – in the form of poets such as Tennyson, Poe, Pound and Eliot – until high school. She didn’t start writing poetry again until her first year at university. “The poems I wrote were particularly hideous, although at the time I thought they were okay,” says Bella. “This makes me nervous about what I am writing now.”

Photo of Marie Alafaci

“There is power in minorities telling their own stories,” says Write-ability Salon host Jax-Jacki Brown.

Brown is a feminist, disability and queer rights activist and spoken-word performer with a BA in Communication and Cultural Studies (honours) which focused on the intersections between queer and disability identities.

Photo of Sarah Widdup lying on a pink sofa, covering most of her face with a bowler hat. The text reads: "It's the hum of our biology" and "Write-ability"

Sarah Widdup was one five writers with disability who received a Write-ability Fellowship in 2014.

The Fellowships, a joint initiative of Writers Victoria and Arts Access Victoria, enabled Sarah to work with mentor Matthew Hooper.

Enjoy an extract from Sarah’s novella, ‘Skeletons of Character’...