Write-ability Fellowships

Since 2013, thanks to the support of the Grace Marion Wilson Trust, Writers Victoria has recognised five outstanding writers with disability each year thanks to the Write-ability Fellowship Program.

Our Write-ability Fellowships support emerging writers with disability with tailored professional development support such as manuscript assessments, curated programs of workshops, and/or mentoring.

In 2020, Writers Victoria are offering an additional Regional Fellowship, and an additional Poetry Fellowship, provided through the generosity of an anonymous donor. 


Current Write-ability Fellows

The 2020 Write-ability Fellows are:

  • David Maney
  • Tim Williams
  • Artemis Munoz
  • Christine Davey White
  • Binh Pham
  • Poetry Fellow: Ruby Hillsmith
  • Regional Fellow: Janet Hildebrand

Three writers were also highly commended by the judges: Alana Schetzer, Michelle Revill and Fiorella Matos.


Past Write-ability Fellows

The 2019 Write-ability Fellowships were awarded to:

  • Alex Creece
  • M. J. McArthur
  • Jessica Obersby
  • Leah Robertson
  • Paul Whitby

Three shortlisted writers were also highly commended by the judges - Erica Cervini; Arty Owens and Joanne Penney.

The 2018 Write-ability Fellowships were awarded to:

  • Kathleen Humble
  • Michael Krockenberger
  • Anthony Riddell
  • Michelle Vasiliu, and
  • Jo Walters.

Three shortlisted writers were also highly commended by the judges - Louise Falconer, CB Mako and Olivia Muscat.

The 2017 Write-ability Fellowships were awarded to:

  • Mary Borsellino
  • Sonia Marcon 
  • Jarrod Marrinon
  • Fiona Murphy
  • Jessica Walton

A further two shortlisted writers were highly commended:  Maribel Steel and Michelle Vasiliu.

The 2016 Write-abiltiy Fellowships were awarded to:

The 2015 Write-ability Fellowships were awarded to:

The 2014 Write-ability Fellowships were awarded to:

A further three shortlisted writers were highly commended: Naomi Snell, Tully Zygier and Veronica Fil.

The 2013 Write-ability Fellowships were awarded to:

Writers Victoria acknowledges the generous support of the Grace Marion Wilson Trust for this program. Write-ability is also made possible by the support of the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation.

Write-ability is also grateful for the previous support of the City of Melbourne, Perpetual Trustees, Copyright Agency Ltd, the Ian Potter Foundation, Perpetual, the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts and the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.