Writing Workouts

Writers Vic tutors and guest writers share some of their tips, tricks and writing exercises for exploring and developing your fiction, non-fiction and more...

Photo of Marie Alafaci

The truth is out there. Try this writing exercise from WV tutor Marie Alafaci to help you find it.

A portrait of Luke Ryan

Memoirist, copywriter and comedian Luke Ryan has an exercise to help you craft authentic characters through dialogue in the lead-up to his First Draft: Memoir in a Year - Characters and Dialogue workshop.

A portrait of Spiri Tsintziras

Tutor Spiri Tsintziras has a tip for memoir writers in the lead-up to her workshop on Protecting Yourself: name your fears, give it a few days, and be your own trusted friend.

A portrait of Rochelle Siemienowicz

How do you show rather than tell a character's traits? Rochelle Siemienowicz, who'll be leading First Draft: Memoir in a Year - Showing, Not Telling, has a writing workout to help you out. 

A portrait of Liam Pieper

An exercise to help you identify the theme of your memoir from First Draft: Memoir in a Year - Theme tutor Liam Pieper.

There’s a Golden Rule of writing, one of Kurt Vonnegut’s which every writer should live by which is, "Use the time of a total stranger in such a way that he or she will not feel the time was wasted."


A portrait of Josiane Behmoiras

Josiane Behmoiras shares an exercise for understanding and honing the elusive writer's voice.

UPDATE: Josiane will be running a workshop on The House in Memoir at Writers Victoria in November 2017.

The intersections of elements that constitute the coinage known as the writing voice present as an intangible concept, and moreover, as a contemporary phenomena. (Hmmm, perhaps should delete meaningless words? Try again…)

A portrait of Clare Strahan

In the lead-up to her Novel in a Year workshop on Synopsis and Pitch, Clare Strahan shares a couple of exercises to get you thinking about the submission end of the writing process. 

Synopses and pitches get a bad rap – nearly every writer I mention them to shudders at the thought, and editors and publishers are quick to say we must keep them short. In preparation for our excavation of the mysteries that are blurb/synopsis/pitch, I suggest two exercises.

Photo of Rebecca Starford

In the lead-up to her Memoir in a Year workshop on Legal Issues and Ethics, Rebecca Starford shares this writing workout on the ethics of memoir.

One of the most contentious issues around memoir is the question of truth. The way you remember an event, say an argument, might be completely different to the other person’s memory of the occasion.

A portrait of Leanne Hall

In the lead-up to her Novel in a Year workshop on Resolution, Leanne Hall shares this writing workout on possible selves, inspired by Hazel Markus - a professor of psychology at Stanford University.

Possible selves are the people we imagine we might become in the future, or should become, or are even scared of becoming. These many possible selves are what motivate us and spur us into certain actions.

headshot of Eli Glasman

When writing a work of fiction, you can use the same plot point to produce many different forms of conflict.

In the lead-up to Eli Glasman's Novel in a Year workshop, he shares this exercise on how to write conflict into your story.