Publishing Tips and Tools

Get tips, tricks and tools on the business of writing and getting published.

This fact sheet 'Traditional Manuscript Publishers' covers where to get published. 

Our fact sheet 'Contracts and Obtaining Advice' covers what is a contract and where to get professional advice. 

This fact sheet 'Types of Self-Publishers' covers the three main types of self-publishing. 

Our fact sheet 'Copyright' includes what is copyright, what does it cover, and what to do if it has been infringed. 

Our fact sheet 'Financial Resources' covers what you need to do if you want to earn an income from being a professional writer. 

Our fact sheet 'Editors' covers the four main stages of editing and where to find an editor.

This fact sheet on 'Manuscript Assessment' covers what a manuscript assessment includes and where to get one.

This fact sheet on 'Mentorships' covers all the details of what a mentorship includes and how it is beneficial. 

This fact sheet on 'Online Presence' covers why you should have one and which platforms to use.

Photo of Maria Katsonis

Maria Katsonis has successfully pitched her articles via email, telephone, in person and even via Twitter.

Writers Victoria intern Sharona Lin picked Maria’s brain ahead of her upcoming workshop on Pitching Essentials for Writers.