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Photo of  Inez Baranay in front of a bookshelf

Inez Baranay, our Year of the Novel tutor, answers 10 quick questions about being a novelist, writing rooms and resembling the Red Queen.

Emma Cayley asks Affirm's Ruby Ashby-Orr about the submission process.

Jean Flynn tackles the many misconceptions about romance writing.

Clare Connelly

Maximise Your Wordcount

CC: What do you enjoy most about writing (and reading) romance fiction? 

Clare: I’ve loved romance novels for as long as I can remember – and for many reasons. I love the guaranteed happy ending, the escapism, the glamour and of course the whole falling-in-love bit! 

CC: What comes first for you when writing a novel: character, plot, setting or voice?

Nina Killham

Finishing Your Novel

CC: Your novels have been described as “rollicking” and “wickedly funny.” Being funny on the page is one of the most difficult elements of a writer’s craft. To what do you attribute your success?