Write-ability Newsletter

The Write-ability Newsletter shares information about Writers Victoria's Write-ability program and other opportunities for people with disability in the arts.

We welcome information for consideration for inclusion in these newsletters. Material must be emailed to writeability@writersvictoria.org.au at least one week before publication.

Dates and deadlines for 2019 


Submit by

April 2019 Monday 25 March
May 2019 Monday 22 April
June 2019 Monday 20 May
July 2019 Monday 17 June
August 2019 Monday 22 July
September 2019 Monday 19 August
October 2019 Monday 23 september
November 2019 Monday 21 October
December 2019 Monday 18 November


Dates are subject to change. Inclusion of material is at the discretion of Writers Victoria.


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